Swimming Lessons for Seniors

Private Swim Lessons for Seniors Made Easy
At Swimming Strategies we specialise in teaching seniors to swim successfully. We teach swimming strategies through a mix of water activities designed to suit your ability. Over the swimming lessons term you should quickly see a natural progression through the different swim levels for front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke.

We provide swimming lessons for seniors who desire to be a confident swimmer. These include but not limited to:

  • Beginners
  • Novices
  • Swimmers
  • Advanced Swimmers

Swimming Strategies cater for seniors of any age and can provide private 1-to-1 or perhaps semi-private 1-to-2 lessons. Our team can create tailored swimming strategies designed to improve your water technique and confidence. Also, we can teach at a pace that suits your individual needs, while advancing your confident and competence in the swimming pool.

Swimming Lessons for Seniors – What Do You Learn?

You will be able to complete comprehensive principles of survival techniques, water orientation, and water safety in line with Swim Ireland training. During swimming classes we access how students perform during each lesson. Feedback and support is provided to encourage accelerated learning.

Each swim lesson is flexible and adaptable to what you need in order to develop your swimming technique and confidence in the water. This approach helps us increase your overall progressive learning.

Private Swimming Lessons for Seniors Assessment?

If you have experienced a gap in your swimming lessons, of over 3 months, then your swimming skills in the pool will have regressed during that period. At Swimming Strategies we will be completing initial assessments to ensure that we can support and develop the skills which need the most focus during the first term of lessons. All students will be assessed against their progress based upon their ability to demonstrate water confidence.

What Are The Swimming Lessons for Senior Lesson Ratios?

The average ratio for private classes will be 1 Swimming Teacher to 1 student. The semi-private option of 1 Swimming Teacher to 2 students will be available for students from the same household or two seniors of similar ability (Beginners / Intermediate).

Private One to One Swimming Lessons for Seniors: These lessons are on a one to one basis with a Swim Ireland qualified instructor. If you want to improve your water technique and confidence, a particular stroke, skill or even train for an event, this individual session is suitable for you. It is also useful for seniors that need extra practice & instruction to achieve & develop a particular skill.

Semi-private One to Two Swimming Lessons for Seniors: These lessons are on a One to Two basis with a Swim Ireland qualified instructor. This offers the same support of a One to One, but allows two seniors of a similar level to take part together.

One to Six (max) Swimming Lessons for Seniors: These lessons are on a One to Six basis with a Swim Ireland qualified instructor. This offers the same support of a One to One, but allows six seniors of a similar level to take part together.

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Health and Safety – COVID-19

Swimming Strategies lessons are provided and conducted in line with COVID-19 guidelines. You can be assured that our standards are high and that our swim lessons will be monitored on a regular basis to ensure compliance. See swim lesson ratio above.

Swimming Strategies Swimming Lessons for Seniors Are:

Easy to manage with our online booking, registration portal and PayPal payment facility.

Term swimming lessons are delivered on a rolling basis. This means that you can progress to different levels at their own pace.

We offer specialised swimming classes. These classes form the basis of specific stroke and skill development sessions for front crawl, Breast stroke or Back stroke. Personalised swimming classes are aimed at those who are competent in swimming and now are looking to develop good technique.

Contact us for more information if you have any questions or if you would like to start swim lessons with Swimming Strategies. Simply complete the online booking form. On receipt of your completed form you will be added to the waiting list. A member of the Swimming Strategies team will be in contact once a space is available for upcoming swim lessons.

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